Lipstick and Dynamite- The new record- Listen now!

LIPSTICK AND DYNAMITE – the new Black Rabbit record – JUNE 21

Black Rabbbit - Lipstick and Dynamite

Milton Busker at Radio Bean, Swale at Juniper and The Mountain Says No & Black Rabbit at Manhattan Pizza March 7, 2014


Black Rabbit at Manhattan Pizza 3.7.14photo by Jamie Navarro

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I had a great time seeing music last night. I knew there was no way I could see all that I wanted, but set up an ambitious plan and carried it through. I got out of work at 7 and did a quick turn around and was at Radio Bean a little after 8. Milton Busker was on and playing his heart out on acoustic guitar. His playing was subtle and exciting at the same time. His songs evoked a full band, but it was just him on stage. I was pretty mesmerized for the set until the last song where he just rocked hard and I bopped around in joy.
After he finished I headed to Juniper and saw Swale play in a lobby. There were a bunch of people sitting around chatting and Swale set up and played a bunch of their most gentle songs. Gorgeous versions of…

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Manhattan Pizza next Friday 3/7 w/ The Mountain Says No

Manhattan Pizza 3.7.14 Black Rabbit and The Mountain Says No Burlington VT

Manhattan Pizza 3/7/14

Black Rabbit & The Mountain Says No at Manhattan Pizza Friday March 7, 2014 Burlington, VT

Nautica, Black Rabbit, Wolvings, Blue Button and Laureate at The Monkey House February 14, 2014

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I had a great time seeing music last night at The Monkey House. The theme was anti-Valentine’s Day and the 5 bands rocked loud, fast and hard. I knew from walking home from work that the walking to Winooski would be a bit rough, so I allowed an extra 5 minutes. I walked in just as Nautica were starting to play. I spent the first song settling in and listening from the back. They played high energy rock and roll with some nice melodies. I moved up front for the second song and started to find the groove for their set. The three piece, guitar/vox, bass, drum, played Song 6 second, and it put me in a happy place. Most of the songs in the set will be recorded on the upcoming Winter EP. All of the songs were good, and they and a crazy fun energy. The black…

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Monkey House on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2014 at The Monkey House with Laureate, Blue Button, Black Rabbit, Wolvings and Nautica

flyer by Justin Gonyea



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