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Black Rabbit - Red Flannel Hash

  • “Black Rabbit’s Red Flannel Hash is a rare punk record that succeeds as much on gnashing attitude as it does with wit, melody and musicality.” -Dan Bolles, Seven Days
  • “I haven’t heard anything this raw in ages. Amazing stuff. 5/5.” –WRUV 90.1 FM
  • “One of the best Vermont punk records in recent years.” -Seven Days
  • “Roaring American Rockers Who Jolt Out A Punk/Garage Rock Voltage. This is huge ‘now’ rock n’ roll with a vibrant and high-flying NYC punk rock charge.” -Forkster
  • “Rockin’, poppy and punky with a sense of humor. Super fun.” -Jedd Kettler
  • “Red Flannel Hash, the latest record from Burlington, VT’s Black Rabbit, is bursting at the seams with enough hard, fast guitar riffs to keep your head bouncing for weeks.” –The Deli

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Black Rabbit- Red Flannel Hash

Thank you WRUV for the outstanding review!

WRUV Reviews

blackrabbitBlack RabbitRed Flannel Hash
Release date: 2015Jun23
Label: Self
Rating: 5/5

Burlington-based Black Rabbit leave an impression their eclectric blend of punk, grunge and garage rock.”Nicky Says” shut up and listen, with catchy hooks set to thundering bass. “Too Good” and “Blue Sky” buzz through the eyes, the latter doubling down on the catchy. “Double Line” impresses with thundering drums and tasty licks. I haven’t heard anything this raw in ages. “Sayonara” leaves you in the dust thanks to well-timed drumbeats. “Rotten Egg” is vaguely reminiscent of a Ramones track (“Pinhead”).”The Original Original” (and pretty much every other song) convinces me that Jane (Boxall) can do no wrong on drums. Amazing stuff. “Where Do We Go” is a grand expression of the talent contained within Black Rabbit. All more the reason to see them live. Can’t get enough of the Red Flannel Hash here!

FCC: 1,4,9 (highlighted…

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Roundin’ Up The Raves: Black Rabbit, Yukon Blonde, Leon Bridges, My Morning Jacket

Here’s a cool review of Red Flannel Hash! Thank you Houston Roby for listening and posting!

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Summer’s here and the time is right … for dancin’ in the street. Or fightin’ in the street. Or doin’ it in the road. Apparently, there are lots of fun seasonal activities you can perform on a nearby thoroughfare. But the asphalt is heating up quickly and many super-fine records are stacking up, all of them in serious danger of melting into a pile of super-fine black goo. So rock down to electric avenue. And let’s round ’em up.

black_rabbit_press_photoBlack Rabbit — Red Flannel Hash

In every city, town, and village in the US of A, there are talented local bands who, but for one break, would be on the national scene. Go forth, find them! We’ve got one right here.

Black Rabbit keeps rock alive in Burlington, Vermont. Loosely, I’m going to say they combine the pop instincts of early Green Day with the vibe of L.A. punks, X. As for the album: almost every…

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