ART HOP! Black Rabbit @ Zero Gravity Brewery Friday Sept. 11

Black Rabbit @ Zero Gravity Brewery Friday 9/11 for Art Hop!

Black Rabbit @ Zero Gravity Brewery Friday 9/11 for Art Hop

Black Rabbit returns to the stage

on Friday, September 11

at Zero Gravity Brewery as part of

Burlington’s annual South End Art Hop!

Do not miss the first show since releasing our

critically-acclaimed new album Red Flannel Hash!

Also on the bill are The Toes and Blue Button!

The party starts at 5pm, set times to be announced.

FREE admission.

Nautica, Black Rabbit, Wolvings, Blue Button and Laureate at The Monkey House February 14, 2014


I had a great time seeing music last night at The Monkey House. The theme was anti-Valentine’s Day and the 5 bands rocked loud, fast and hard. I knew from walking home from work that the walking to Winooski would be a bit rough, so I allowed an extra 5 minutes. I walked in just as Nautica were starting to play. I spent the first song settling in and listening from the back. They played high energy rock and roll with some nice melodies. I moved up front for the second song and started to find the groove for their set. The three piece, guitar/vox, bass, drum, played Song 6 second, and it put me in a happy place. Most of the songs in the set will be recorded on the upcoming Winter EP. All of the songs were good, and they and a crazy fun energy. The black…

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