Charlie O’s Feb 17 with Zeus Springsteen

Zeus Springsteen + Black Rabbit @ Charlie O's World Famous 2.17.17

It’s a collision of Vermont’s nastiest power trios, Zeus Springsteen and Black Rabbit! Prepare for a night of music that blows the mind, moves the ass, and shakes the bottles behind the bar. There’s not many places like Charlie O’s to see rock and roll this undiluted and passionate, so don’t miss it!

Live From The Fort Mixtape vol. 4

live-from-the-fort Vermont Public Radio Black Rabbit VT

Listen to this VPR music special- we perform one song in full plus they used us in the background as the ‘music bed’ for the whole episode!


The Best of ‘Live From The Fort’ 2016

VPR included our performance of “Nicky Says” in their

Best of ‘Live From The Fort’ 2016!

Best of 'Live From The Fort' 2016 VPR

“There have been so many great musicians on the show over this past year that when VuHaus asked us to select 10 songs for a best of 2016 list, it was hard to know where to begin!

We decided to choose acts that would best represent the broad sampling of Vermont talent and the diversity of musical genres that have graced the show in 2016. Enjoy!”

The Best Of Live From The Fort 2016: