Black Rabbit at Waking Windows: Friday 6:20p @ The Monkey House

Black Rabbit at Waking Windows 5.6.16 Monkey House 6:20pm

We are at The Monkey House for this year’s Waking Windows as part of a killer lineup that includes Dino Bravo, Phil Yates & The Affiliates, The Mountain Says No, VillanellesEastern Mountain Time and many other fine acts. See you there!

Black Rabbit acoustic and Phil Yates & The Affiliates at New City Galerie in Burlington VT, April 17, 2015

Nice review of our show from Tim’s Triangle Tribune. Thanks Tim!


I had a great time seeing music tonight at the New City Galerie. I worked until 7, got home about 7:15, was out the door at 7:30 and downtown around 7:45. I had scouted the venue the day before on the way home from my radio show, but despite my best intentions I only caught the last half song by opener Sean Hood, who goes by the name of Eastern Mountain Time. It sounded nice but I was just getting settled when he wrapped up.

Acoustic Black Rabbit at New City Galerie photo by Phil Yates Acoustic Black Rabbit at New City Galerie photo by Phil Yates

Up next was the oddest of the odd, one of my favorite heavy rocking bands, Black Rabbit, playing acoustic. They went on at 8 and Marc Scarano and Darlene Scarano played a pretty sweet set/ She played electric bass and he played acoustic guitar, and they opened with a couple of newish…

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