Concert Review – Monkey House 10.7.17

Black Rabbit @ The Monkey House 10.07.17 photo by Tim Lewis

Near North pic by Tim Lewis I had a great time seeing music a week ago Saturday at The Monkey House. I met up with Nathan Curtis and we headed out for what I thought was a doors at 8:30 show at 9 night of music. We arrived just before 9 and The Mountain Says […]

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Cave Bees and Black Rabbit at Manhattan Pizza December 5, 2014

A review of our 12/5/14 show by Tim Lewis. Thanks Tim!


I had a great time seeing music on December 5th. Work was really intense and I had been putting in 10 hour jam packed days. I did the radio show Thursday night, did not get much sleep and the long work day just about put me down. There was lots of great music happening that night. Dino Bravo VT and Crazyhearse were at The Monkey House, ROUGH FRANCIS were celebrating their birthday at Radio Bean with Blue Button and 4-5 other bands. I got out too late to make the Winooski show and did not have a few hours of rock in me. I wanted to go nowhere but though I might possibly be able to handle seeing two bands at Manhattan Pizza and Pub. I yanked my face out of my hands and forced myself out the door.

It was a warm night and an easy walk…

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Tim’s Triangle Tribune

Another review from Tim’s Triangle Tribune by Tim Lewis, of our recent show at The Monkey House:

“I got in and settled, and soon after Black Rabbit hit the stage. They played a killer set of short, fast, loud rock songs. Having seen them a few times, I have a sense of where the songs are going, but they still kept me guessing a bit. Halfway through the set, there was a song I recognized. It was a fantastic cover of Chinese Rock by The Ramones. They came back with a bunch more of their songs, then wrapped it up with a Damned cover. It was a great set and they had me dancing the whole time.”

Read the whole review here.

Thanks Tim!