Tim’s Triangle Tribune

Another review from Tim’s Triangle Tribune by Tim Lewis, of our recent show at The Monkey House:

“I got in and settled, and soon after Black Rabbit hit the stage. They played a killer set of short, fast, loud rock songs. Having seen them a few times, I have a sense of where the songs are going, but they still kept me guessing a bit. Halfway through the set, there was a song I recognized. It was a fantastic cover of Chinese Rock by The Ramones. They came back with a bunch more of their songs, then wrapped it up with a Damned cover. It was a great set and they had me dancing the whole time.”

Read the whole review here.

Thanks Tim!


The After Glow

From the blog Tim’s Triangle Tribune by Tim Lewis, describing our performance at The After Glow:

Their punk rock was loud and fast and fun. Their songs have a fun direction to them and it’s not always obvious where they are going. To really listen to them, you have to chase the songs a bit, which makes their name pretty perfect. I had tons of fun for every moment of their show. They got me rocking really hard for the first time in two days. Every time I have seen them, they’ve brought a smile to my face, and Saturday night’s show was more of the same. They played a good long set, and confirmed that the effort to go out that night was well rewarded.”

Read the rest of Tim’s review here, about all the other awesome bands that played that night.

The After Glow 1.26.13

2/4 Monkey House update

The first band for Saturday night’s Monkey House show had to cancel but we have a replacement and all is well! The updated lineup:

9:00       Workingman’s Army
10:00     Black Rabbit
11:00     When Particles Collide

The door is five dollars, but we plan on giving AT LEAST a twenty dollar show, so you’re actually saving money by coming. Hope to see you there!