The Best VT Artists at Waking Windows

“Worshipping at the church of CBGB circa 1976, Black Rabbit’s music spans the gamut of the artists who played there: early Ramones to early Blondie. “Nicky Says” sounds like a nod to the Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says,” while “It’s Cold” could be a lost Dead Boys song.”

Black Rabbit 4.5.17

We got a real nice blurb in this article about the best VT artists at this year’s Waking Windows music festival. Our set is Sunday, May 7 at The Monkey House @ 4pm. Don’t miss it! Buy a weekend pass! So much good music happening in Winooski this weekend!!! DO IT.

Black Rabbit at Waking Windows: Friday 6:20p @ The Monkey House

Black Rabbit at Waking Windows 5.6.16 Monkey House 6:20pm

We are at The Monkey House for this year’s Waking Windows as part of a killer lineup that includes Dino Bravo, Phil Yates & The Affiliates, The Mountain Says No, VillanellesEastern Mountain Time and many other fine acts. See you there!

Black Rabbit- Red Flannel Hash

Thank you WRUV for the outstanding review!

WRUV Reviews

blackrabbitBlack RabbitRed Flannel Hash
Release date: 2015Jun23
Label: Self
Rating: 5/5

Burlington-based Black Rabbit leave an impression their eclectric blend of punk, grunge and garage rock.”Nicky Says” shut up and listen, with catchy hooks set to thundering bass. “Too Good” and “Blue Sky” buzz through the eyes, the latter doubling down on the catchy. “Double Line” impresses with thundering drums and tasty licks. I haven’t heard anything this raw in ages. “Sayonara” leaves you in the dust thanks to well-timed drumbeats. “Rotten Egg” is vaguely reminiscent of a Ramones track (“Pinhead”).”The Original Original” (and pretty much every other song) convinces me that Jane (Boxall) can do no wrong on drums. Amazing stuff. “Where Do We Go” is a grand expression of the talent contained within Black Rabbit. All more the reason to see them live. Can’t get enough of the Red Flannel Hash here!

FCC: 1,4,9 (highlighted…

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